Richard Matassa
Working to Restore Pride in Hernando
I have been asked why I decided to run for the Hernando County Commission, why I would put myself through the process. There are some very simple reasons.

I desire to live in a community that is prosperous. A community that is growing. A community that offers our children opportunities to establish a home, family and career.

It appears to me that over the last eight or so years Hernando County has lost its way. I believe that I can bring a work ethic, accountability and positive attitude that Hernando County Residents can be proud of and support. County Government and its employees are yearning for leadership, a leader that from the top down can bring about a positive agenda and one that is responsive to the needs and demands of their community.

I first believe we have to again create demand for one of the things that we were known for, a great place to retire and live. A proud and prosperous community that represents all that Florida has to offer and more.

We can accomplish this with a few simple tweaks in planning to invite retiree living in areas around Hernando County.

A Second way I intend to bring this about is to ease the burden on new and existing businesses here in Hernando County. New businesses attract new customers, create new jobs and support existing businesses.

We need to do all we can to welcome and encourage retirees and entrepreneurs to return to Hernando County. While I do not support subsidies to attract new business as a model, I do believe we can streamline the process of opening a new business.

The second reason is my children, I myself moved to Hernando County as a young boy. It was a paradise, an incredible place to grow up. Boating, wide open spaces and great people of all ages. I went away to get an education and every day I was away, all I could think of was how to get back to the place I grew up and build a life for myself, my future family and contribute to and grow with a proud community.

Do our children have this same motivation? This same drive? This same opportunity? Or are they faced with dwindling economic opportunities in a place where the young, white and blue collar professionals do not fit in?

It is my belief that Hernando County can be great again. It will require determination, work ethic, positive can-do attitudes and someone dedicated to make it happen, no matter how daunting the task.

These are the reasons I have entered this race. I believe I am the man for this job, the man willing to do whatever it takes to again make Hernando County a proud, prosperous community, one everyone yearns to become a part of.

“Working to Restore Pride in Hernando”
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