Richard Matassa
Working to Restore Pride in Hernando
Richard Matassa County Commission Candidate District 1

As a fiscal conservative, I shall not vote to increase your taxes, under any circumstances. It is your money and I want you to spend it as you see fit. It is obvious the current holder of the seat and his friends do not feel the same way.

I am not a politician, politicians attempt to please everyone. I live by a simple rule my Italian grandmother used to teach all of us grandchildren, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Using my education and business experience gained over the last 20 plus years, I will make educated and experienced decisions on what is best for the residents of Hernando County.

At times, decisions may not be popular, but shall be based on the best available information, and what I believe is best for all of the residents, and not based on politics or the agendas of special interests.

Hernando County Residents are my focus and are always going to be the basis of my decision.

“Working to Restore Pride in Hernando”

Hernando Today Editorial, August 4th, 2012.

"Matassa's can-do attitude needed on county commission."

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Tampa Bay Times Editorial, July 29, 2012.

“Richard Matassa, 43, an engineer and owner of A Civil Design Group, is a slash-and-burn conservative who believes the county can cut its way to prosperity by reducing spending and government regulation.”

It appears the Times editorial page takes exception to the idea that living within your means, limiting your spending to existing revenues, and exploring areas where costs can be reduced to better serve our tax payers is a proper course of action.

In fact, my platform of these very ideas has earned me their radical, slash and burn classification.

The truth is that good stewardship of household income, business income or government income must be done everyday. As our income declines we must address it by reducing our spending to avoid bankruptcy. The Times and my opponent supported by the Times must believe that one can just magically increase their income by burdening others with higher costs as the economy around them contracts. It is true that I do not subscribe to that theory as a fiscal conservative; it is clearly my opinion that we must live within our means and explore further options to cut costs and leave the money in our community to improve our economy and strengthen its economy.

I want to thank the Tampa Bay Times for confirming that I am truly the only fiscal conservative that believes in smaller government and less burden on the taxpayers. The Tampa Bay Times, three current commissioners, all of whom are republicans, and my republican competitor supported by the Times all continue to believe as the democratic president does, that higher taxes and fees are necessary to sustain a larger more intrusive government and to turn our local economy around. This is truly a failing formula and only further delays the opportunity for a strong, growing and prosperous economy.
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